About Us

FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) is an Indian non-governmental, non-profit organization providing integrated development assistance to disadvantaged children, women and communities in rural and urban India to reduce their vulnerabilities in respect of poverty, health, education and protection. 


As the country chapter of the Geneva-based NGO François-Xavier Bagnoud International (FXBI), FXB’s activities in India date back to 1991. In 2007 FXB India Suraksha was established as an autonomous Indian entity registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. FXBIS’ area of intervention expanded over the years from its original focus on working with families affected by HIV/Aids to a community-based, multi-sectoral programme approach along its four ‘Domains for Change' – Access to Quality Education, Livelihood Promotion, Improved Health Status, and Protection and Safety.


With the vision to see an India in which children and communities lead self-reliant and empowered lives FXBIS aims to ensure that every child achieves her/his potential in a healthy, poverty free and protective environment. Today, FXBIS works in different pockets across 14 Indian states and union territories and reaches out to over 3, 00,000 people through its community-based multi- sectoral programmes and interventions.



FXBIS envisions an India in which children and their families lead self-reliant and empowered lives.




FXBIS shall work to ensure that every child achieves her/his potential in a healthy, poverty free and protective environment.



Programme Domains :


Livelihood Promotion-

Improve living standards and economic self- sufficiency of families through skill training and livelihood opportunities.


Improved Health Status-

Improve access to quality health services, drinking water and sanitation facilities for the communities.


Access to Quality Education-

Improve access to quality education for children and youth through financial and tutorial support.


Protection and Safety-

Preventing and reducing child abuse, gender- based violence, human trafficking and stigma and discrimination through proactive and reactive mechanism.




  • 100% access to free, universal, quality and capability enhanced education for all children within FXBIS intervention geographies.
  • 100% usage of toilets and safe drinking water sources within FXBIS intervention geographies
  • 100,000 families break out of the cycle of poverty and associated conditions of backwardness in thoughts, resources and practices within FXBIS intervention geographies.
  • Zero child labour at home or workplace and complete access to protective and social rehabilitation support for children abandoned and exposed to violence, loneliness, and drugs within FXBIS intervention geographies.