Bimolata steps into a new life!

She recently bought herself a new silk shawl to celebrate the change in her husband.  The newness of the shawl is also symbolic of the new life that Bimolata now has got.
Born in a remote village called Sagolmang Pukhao, Imphal East – Manipur, India, she belongs to Meitei Community, which is the majority ethnic group of the valley. Immediately after her marriage in December 2000, she realized that her husband was a drug user since last 20 years. He was an intravenous drug user and in order to meet the cost of the drug he would even steal money and valuable items from home. It was getting difficult for Bimolata to manage the family because of her husband's irresponsible behaviour in spite of her parent’s efforts. He used to stay aloof from all the family members and live in company of his peers. There were times when she and her children had no enough food to eat. She couldn’t even manage to pay children’s education fee on time which resulted in drop outs. 

Fighting these difficulties, she got in touch with “FXB India Suraksha”. FXB India Suraksha, Manipur, met with her family while conducting a situational analysis exercise for the replication of another FXB village network program in the Imphal East and took up the challenge of enrolling a family where the husband was living with HIV and also was still a drug user. Considering the urgent need of the children getting back to school and willingness of Ms Bimolata to engage herself in an economically viable group (Income Generating Activity), FXB India Suraksha decided to take care of the family.  
She was empowered through trainings and teachings which she could implement in her family. Gradually she became bold and started to argue, question, cajole and convince her husband about his misdeeds and misbehaviour.
Today, Ms Bimolata is one of the successful members of the Women Economic Development (Self Help Group) who engage in the production of Kauna (water reed) crafts items. One of her kids is benefited by the partial school fee support and was also attending the community support classes at Khurai. The re-confirmatory test of HIV, for both herself and children stand to be negative. Her husband is often given counselling to lead a drug free and positive life style and has now stopped taking drugs, attends the medical health check-up, and looks healthy and happy. 
This makes Bimolata a content person. Her both children, a daughter of twelve years and a son of eight years have now started respecting their father and she is looking towards a better future.