Chena Hema - An entrepreneur

Chena Hema (first from the right) happily posing in the community kitchen garden with her team mates

Chena Hema hails from Uppada village in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. She had an early marriage thenafter she mothered three kids in just five years and she had no chance to continue her education.

Chena was never unhappy with her husband as he is not alcoholic and is caring about her. But, his irregular jobs always bothered her. She expressed that she felt exhausted with the responsibility of catering education, nutrition & health needs of three children with the meager incomes of her husband and was feeling sad for her inability to earn and take care of her children needs. Considering her poor economic background, burden of children on her and her interest to take part in the program FXB India Suraksha got her enrolled in the FXBVillage program. Following that, her children got admission in the FXB Education Center and soon she became an active member of the Parent Committee.
To support her economically, and sensing her caliber, FXB India Suraksha trained her in fish drying and packing activity and enrolled her in fish related collective economic activity along with nine other members of the same village. She took the responsibility as a group leader and started earning Rs.1500-2000 per month. In addition she became an active member in the board of cooperative society and also take care of cooperative micro credit operations in her village and she is paid Rs.2000/- per month by the Cooperative Society.
Now with her average income as good as Rs. 4000 she is able to ensure her children attending good private school. Her husband is very cooperative and proud of her. Chena Hema has got repaired her house and got renovated the unused toilet with the help of FXB. She has also developed her own backyard kitchen garden to ensure leafy vegetable intake in her children diet. As a whole now her economic problems are all over with FXB's support and she is able provide quality life to her children.
Today Chena is inspiration for so many.