Improved Health status

FXB India Suraksha recognizes the importance of good health as a precondition of living one’s life with dignity. A paramount objective of all FXBIS programmes is to address health vulnerabilities by improving access to quality health services, clean water and sanitation facilities within its intervention geographies. The overall impact of the FXBIS Health Strategy is a significant decrease of communicable and vector borne diseases as well as infant, maternal and child mortality rates within communities. The FXBIS Health Strategy comprises following approaches:

  • Through its intensive Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) campaigns FXBIS aims to generate knowledge concerning issues like proper sanitation and hygiene practices (hand washing, use of toilets, purification of water, etc.), access to safe water, proper nutrition to fight malnutrition and anaemia, sexual reproductive health. The aim is to enlighten children and their families about water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • FXBIS arranges health camps and guarantees reliable care and support of its programme participants by organising follow-up screenings, ante and post natal care, counselling services, and access to supplementary nutrition. The objective is to promote health seeking behaviour within communities.
  • Facilitating access to improved water and sanitation facilities to people living in marginalized rural areas or urban slums. The objective is the abolition of the use of unsecure water sources and open defecation.
  • It is important to FXBIS to build strong linkages between communities and the official government health system. FXBIS promotes health projects under national health programmes at the state and district level, links individuals and communities with relevant government schemes for health, hygiene and sanitation as well as ensures proper referral of patients to advanced treatment. The objective is to establish a lasting link between communities and the government system to ensure a sustainable improvement of health.
  • A vital component of the FXBIS Health Strategy is evidence-based research on WASH and advocacy with stakeholders. The objective is to ameliorate governance and policy issues in the realm of water, sanitation, hygiene and health.