The inspirational leadership of FXBIS's women members celebrated on International Womens' Day, 2016

Interacting with the women at FXB India Suraksha (FXBIS) Slum Intervention Program at Noida, Mamta Borgoyary, CEO, FXBIS, urged girls to be fearless against societal shaming and pursue their dreams. On the occasion of International Womens' Day, FXB India Suraksha recognized and felicitated the women across its project sites spanning the length and breadth of the country.



 Mamta Borgoyary, CEO, FXB India Suraksha interacting with the women members in Noida, Uttar Pradesh on International Women's Day



Adopting the theme of the United Nations, 'Planet 50-50 by 2030', which visualizes a world where all women and girls have equal opportunities and rights by 2030, FXB India Suraksha celebrated the day with more than 500 women. To mark the day, women got engaged in awareness rallies, public seminars, cultural events & sports activities in Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh, Nesal in Tamil Nadu, East Imphal in Manipur, Namkum in Jharkhand and Noida in Uttar Pradesh.


Highlights of the day......

In Manipur the beneficiaries were addressed by Ms. Noutuneshori the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Imphal East and Mr. Dhane an eminent advocate . Ms. Noutuneshori  spoke about sexual violence against women and the legal redressal mechanisms available to women and quoted stories of women who have successfully fought for their rights. Three entrepreneurs of the Self Help Groups were  felicitated for their efforts in making the IGA successful.

The Scholarship Programme for children  was formally launched with the announcement of the names of  five recipients of 2016.

Olympians and pre eminent sporting personalities from Jharkhand including Ms. Asunta Lakra joined Ms. Pammi Kumari, CDPO, Namkum Block and Ms. Sachhi Kumari in the celebrations. They interacted with the beneficiaries and discussed issues related to gender and sustainable development with a particular focus on water and sanitation (WATSAN) issues and Swacch Bharat.

In Andhra Pradesh Mr.S.M.Pasha from Cairn India spoke about gender equality, women rights and women empowerment , motivating the women to be fearless and stand up for themselves. Apart from cultural and recreational events to the women took part  in a debate competition on the theme "Planet 50-50' by 2030.

In Tamil Nadu,  the celebrations were held at  FXBVillage, Nesal, where a public seminar was held and representatives from the Pondicherry University addressed the gathering of community women and men including the Village president ,on womens's rights and legal redressal schemes available to them. Apart from this recreational and cultural activities were also undertaken.


In Noida, the girls participating in the youth programmes at Noida performed a small skit on the vicious cyclical and generational suppression of women by women. During the interactions that followed the community  women discussed their problems and how they had overcome them with the help of FXBIS.

FXBIS has been working with marginalized women and girls in some of the remotest corners of India and some of the most neglected groups of people, assisting them with economic, medical, psycho social  technological and information support.  In our journey spanning almost a decade we have been fortunate to meet and support hundreds of women, who have now become leaders in their own right and are carrying forward the message of change within their communities and amongst their peers.


Conceptualized as a celebration of womanhood, we reached out to the beneficiaries and external stakeholders through a short video and campaign titled, 'From Homemakers to Changemakers' documenting the leadership and entrepreneurial qualities of  the women members from different FXBIS project areas. The discussion following the screening highlighted the universality of suppression faced by women and their innate strength to overcome those challenges. Far removed from each other , their determination to make life better for their daughters was the thread binding them together.


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