Livelihood Promotion

The FXB India Suraksha Poverty and Livelihood Strategy focuses on empowering families from the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and social groups. Given that in most communities women are still perceived as subordinate to men, most activities under this domain emphasis on the economic empowerment of women. The envisioned impacts of FXBIS poverty and livelihood programmes are the overall improvement of living standards and the emergence of economically self-reliant families where women play an active and coequal role. To reach this objective, FXBIS adapted following strategies:


  • Through awareness campaigns and providing opportunities for skill-based employment for women FXBIS aims to change mind sets and sensitize communities about the added value of letting women join the economically active part of society. The objective is to open the job market for women and allow them to financially support themselves and their families.
  • FXBIS strategy for efficient poverty reduction is to initiate individual or group-based Income Generation Activities (IGA) within communities. New income opportunities are founded on the basis of a comprehensive market analysis and the identification of local resources. FXBIS helps the programme participants to run and grow their own business and, to ensure sustainability, mobilizes linkages between the communities and procurement and market stakeholders. The objective is to enable families to reach sustainable socio-economic autonomy which ensures the well-being of the families and especially the children.
  • The FXBIS livelihood skill enhancement programme focuses on developing local capacities and entrepreneurial abilities. To do so FXBIS provides vocational training courses and promotes job-linked skill development such as entrepreneurial, managerial, and operational capabilities, financial literacy, branding, etc. The objective is to establish and strengthen suitable community-owned institutions capable of running businesses in the long term.
  • FXBIS also links its programme participants with relevant governmental economic development and social security schemes and assist with the application process. 

A vital component of the FXBIS Poverty and Livelihood Strategy is evidence-based research on poverty and livelihood and advocacy with stakeholders. The objective is to ameliorate governance and policy issues in the realm of economic development and promote successful entrepreneurship models for replication.