Protection and Safety

FXB India Suraksha recognizes security as a right and not a luxury that can or cannot be afforded. An integral part of all FXBIS programmes is to prevent and reduce all forms of violence and insecurity within its intervention geography. The envisioned impact of the FXBIS Child Rights and Protection Strategy is a safe, secure and protective environment for children. To reach this goal, FXBIS applies a proactive, multi-dimensional approach:
  • FXBIS works with communities and selected ‘risk groups’ (especially children and adolescents) on the prevention of violence through the sensitization and training of stakeholders and community members, awareness campaigns, the modification of physical environments, building networks between the communities and the police, etc. The objective is a sustainable long-term change in society by identifying and addressing underlying causes of violence within communities.
  • FXBIS is dedicated to response to violence whenever it becomes aware of such cases. The FXBIS team cooperates with the police during intervention to get victims out of their perilous situations and, subsequently, ensures proper referral to relevant official stakeholders and child protection services. The objective is to deliver rapid proactive services to save lives in danger.
  • FXBIS also works on the rehabilitation of victims through counselling programmes to ensure the social reintegration of the victims. FXBIS also works with families in which violence incidences occurred aiming to med the broken relationship and help the family to become a functional unit.
  • A key component of the FXBIS Child Rights and Protection Strategy is its work on human trafficking. Through various programmes FXBIS aims to help victims of human trafficking and prevent further incidences by enlighten vulnerable societies about safe migration.
  • A vital component of the FXBIS Child Rights and Protection Strategy is evidence-based research on violence and protection and advocacy with relevant stakeholders. The objective is to ameliorate governance and policy issues in the realm of protection and child rights.