Sivagandan- An aspiring engineer

Sivagandan is eagerly waiting for the day when he can accomplish his dream of building a concrete house for his family himself.

Now 14, Sivagandan was born under thatched roofs of a small village Chinna Kozuvari, a dalit colony on the borders of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, India. His father is a woodcutter and mother support the family earnings by working as a daily wage laborer. The uncertainty of work with the meager income makes it difficult to meet the family necessities and hence despite of him and his two younger sisters enrolled in the government school his parents were not in position to afford his educational materials like uniforms, books, stationeries etc.

The family condition of Sivagandan could not help the cause any better. "My father is a drug addict and consumes liquor on a daily basis. He even beats and abuses my mother quite often. I get distracted by the disturbing environment at home and cannot concentrate on my studies", says Siva.
"My school is about 7 kms from my village. We have to walk for about an hour every day to reach school. I feel so tired and it is difficult to focus on the studies, which even hinders my class performance. But I want to stand first in my class", adds Siva. Amidst all this struggle, Siva however continues to dream big. He aspires to become a civil engineer by completing his studies.

During its baseline survey, as part of its FXB-Village Program, FXB India Suraksha team met Sivagandan and his family and could straightway smell his aspirations and the unmatched glitter in his eyes. FXB India Suraksha now is providing Siva with an educational support in terms of books, note books, geometry box etc...He has also joined recently started evening coaching class in the village along with 40 other children.  

Sivagandan is a content child now, going to school with zest. "I feel secured, with FXB India Surakhsa providing me with so much of help. Even my parents have started appreciating and having faith on me that one day I will become an engineer and make them proud."