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Access to Quality Education

FXB India Suraksha believes that the universal access to quality education is the key to effective and sustainable social change. The FXBIS Education Strategy aims to raise awareness about the importance of education and enhance access to and quality of education. FXBIS envisioned impact are well educated, confident, productive and socially responsible children and youth.

FXBIS helps local schools to improve their infrastructure and basic amenities and help families in need to raise funds for school education by linking them to government education schemes or provide sponsorships via the Suraksha Sponsorship programme. In the Suraksha Education Centres, children can access educational support from qualified tutors and supplementary learning materials. FXBIS Computer Literacy Centres bridge the digital divide by equipping children and youth with access to and knowledge about modern technology. FXBIS empower women and youth through non-formal education programmes such as 'Life Skill Workshops' and vocational training courses.

Quality Education & FXBVILLAGE Programme