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Monitoring and Evaluation

FXBIS has a team of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) professionals based at the Secretariat (HQ) in New Delhi that oversees the overall monitoring and evaluation management for all intervention locations in the country.

Apart from the country M&E team, FXBIS also has project-based Monitoring & Evaluation persons located at different project locations. Web-based data management information system is in place which systematically and reliably stores, manages and accesses data for speedy and accurate and monitoring and evaluation. Country M&E team undertakes collection, verification, entry, management, and analysis of data and synthesis (interpretation) of information. Well defined M&E frameworks with specific organizational indicators as well as project-level indicators are in place for the organization. They are followed across the projects through the tenure of project implementation. System monitoring is an integral part of learning and growth strategy of FXBIS.


Purpose served by the Present M&E System of FXBIS

At FXBIS, we are of the firm view that the organization’s monitoring and evaluations systems serve a three-pronged objective with the donors, within the organization and equally important, with the community we work for and the various stakeholders.

Impact and Outcome Indicators

FXBIS seeks to include multiple levels of vulnerability related impact-oriented indicators to be used as standards for performance/ impact assessment. FXBIS feels it is important to share and identify the most common standards for performance/ impact assessments that may be used for programme planning and evaluation purposes. To ensure qualitative and quantitative strengths of analysis FXBIS prefers to use Quantitative as well Qualitative measurements.

Domain Impact Outcome
Livelihood Promotion Economically self-reliant families Improve living standards and economic self- sufficiency of families through skill training and livelihood opportunities
Improved Health status Improved Health services, nutrition, drinking water and sanitation facilities for the communities Improve access to quality health services, nutrition, drinking water and sanitation facilities for the communities
Access to Universal, Ability building and Quality Education Educated, confident, productive and socially responsible children and youth Improve access to quality education for children and youth through financial and tutorial support
Protection and Safety Safe, Secure and Protective environment for Women and Children Preventing and reducing child abuse, gender- based violence, human trafficking and stigma and discrimination through proactive and reactive mechanism