2007 to 2016: a momentous journey it has been! A decade long of grass roots interventions...of working on the “...forgotten issues of forgotten people in forgotten places.” (-Albina du Boisrouvray, FXB founder and president emerita, Francois-Xavier Bagnoud). We started small with only 30 staff in 3 states, working passionately, enabling people lead respectful lives. Reflecting our primary, non-negotiable ethos of helping achieve a self-reliant dignified life for all the families we engaged with, we designed our four verticals of core domains – livelihoods, health, education and protection & safety. These core domains were not insular stand alone programmes but were made to criss-cross with one another. Integrated development as the primary goal, therefore, emerged for all vulnerable communities tucked away in secluded corners of our country, as well as, for the vulnerable categories such as women, children, HIV/AIDS infected and affected groups - all of whom are often uncared for in spite of their physical presence in mainstream urban/rural landscapes.

24th of April 2017 was a day of celebration, of cheering each other and also of raising a toast for all the communities, who reposed faith in us to build life-styles for them in which they lived with dignity while harbouring tangible hopes for an even better future. We were “co-creating” with their consent and the journey was fantastic. The day was also one of acknowledging the fact that we made mistakes and the promise to ourselves to improve and to progress towards being more impactful, more constructive for the marginalised communities and/or categories.