Board of Directors

Mr. Suchitta Koley

  • Director & Chairperson
  • “The term, ‘Integrated Development’ sums up all intentions and efforts of FXB India Suraksha team as far as their work on the grassroots is concerned. Each project or programme is geared towards achieving a life of dignified self-dependence for the deprived families and communities. In this attempt, the team of a hundred odd members strive to initiate programmes/projects on health, education and livelihood. Parallel to this they strive to secure a protected and safe environment for the vulnerable groups existing within a community in order to realise the three aforementioned goals.”

    [Mr. Koley provides his expertise to government and non-government authorities as Company Secretary. He is on the panel of the Arbitrators in the Indian Council of Arbitration and is also a visiting faculty member for 'corporate laws' at the Indian Law Institute (deemed university), New Delhi, amongst several others. He has been serving on the Board of FXBIS since 2011.]

Dr. A.K.Susheela

  • Director
  • “In the present times of living in the digital age, I am very happy to see that FXB India Suraksha team have soon enough recognized the digital tsunami and prepared themselves to operate in this ever-changing environment. It is beyond using technology, it is changing the nature of how we work, who we hire, how we grow and how we stay connected to our target groups.”

    [Dr. Susheela is recipient of the Ranbaxy Research Foundation prize for her outstanding contributions in the field of Fluorosis research. She has held a number of prestigious positions at the AIIMS, before she moved out to nurture Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation. Her association with FXBIS has been since 2010.]

Mr. Salil Kumar

  • Director
  • “I am proud to be associated with FXB India Suraksha and its team of dedicated professionals, who work passionately to change people’s lives for the better. FXBIS has embarked on an ambitious journey to enable 5 million families lead a life of dignity by 2028. I wish the team the very best in this endeavour and all that they strive to achieve for the families they work with.”

    [Mr. Salil is a finance and social sector professional bringing close to 25 years of working in public health and nutrition, natural resource management, economic empowerment, education and livelihoods. His interests lie in program design; portfolio management; institutional growth and sustainability; operational excellence and in strategic advisory. He is on the Board of FXBIS since 2012.]

Mr. Manish Dubey

  • Director
  • “The FXB India Suraksha team has been working with some of India’s poorest, most vulnerable communities for over a decade, catalyzing action on issues that matter. I look forward to working with this passionate, industrious and bright team as it navigates a changing social, institutional and governance landscape in pursuit of the ambitious goal - enabling a life of dignity for five million households by 2028 - it has now set itself.”

    [Manish Dubey is a policy analyst and author. He has over two decades of consulting experience with national and state governments, multilateral and bilateral development agencies, domestic and international NGOs, and private philanthropies. His first work of fiction, ‘A Murder in Gurgaon’ was a bestseller of 2016, and his fictional work - a novella titled 'A Murderous Family', has been released recently by Juggernaut Books. Mr. Dubey joined the Board in February, 2019.]

Mr. Amal Dhru

  • Member
  • “I congratulate the team of FXB India Suraksha for completing a decade long journey in grassroots interventions. Their passionate efforts have resulted in 5, 16,490 beneficiaries, living in our country’s 329 villages and 5 urban slums, being assisted to lead self-dependent empowered lives so far. The journey towards realising 5 million families lead a dignified life is a tedious one but I am sure that would happen in 2028, given the committed dedication of the FXBIS team.”

    [With a vast experience in financial management, Mr. Dhru is running his own firms. He has also served as the Director of State Bank of Saurashtra, and has written extensively on financial and management related subjects. Mr. Dhru has been FXBIS Board of Director since 2007.]