The Research unit at FXB India Suraksha undertakes primary research to contribute to evidence on improving and impacting the lives of women, children and other vulnerable categories of social groups. Simultaneously the objective is also to inform the public domain of best practices and other strategies to improve the lives of vulnerable communities, especially children. Strong research partnerships with the Indian academia, government organizations, UN bodies and Ivy League Universities have led FXBIS to improve programme strategies and objectives, and to identify new issues requiring intervention.

The Research unit also undertakes impact evaluation of external programmes on a regular basis.


2019 - Completed

Jharkhand (Santhal Pargana)

Action Research to Inform the development of Programme to Prevent Child Trafficking and Sexual Abuse. OAK Foundation

FXB India Suraksha is implementing a comprehensive education promotion project in Santhal Pargana, Jharkhand. The primary goal of the project is to undertake an action research, in collaboration and participation with a range of local stakeholders, in selected blocks of Santhal Pargana district - in order to identify the factors that increase children's exposure to sexual abuse and exploitation. the findings of research shall feed into co-designing an intervention model which will create a safe and protected environment for children to flourish and realise their potential.

2019 - Completed


Identify Promising Practices and Challenges in Integrating or Separating Services for Victims of Human Trafficking and Gender-based Violence. The Asia Foundation

The research aims to provide a framework for more effective and efficient services to victims of trafficking in persons (TIP) and gender-based violence (GBV).this research project seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of screening and service provision to victims of TIP and GBV in diverse contexts by identifying promising practices and challenges in integrating or separating services for such victims. It is being conducted across three countries – India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to be able to compare the best practices emerging from stakeholders and service providers in these country contexts. The research will provide a comprehensive report comprising the three separate country reports and a regional analysis along with recommendations.

2019 - Present


Madhya Pradesh

Strengthening Capacity of Law Enforcement Agencies to Effectively Combat Human Trafficking. British High Commission

Human trafficking is considered to be complex, difficult to investigate and a growing global criminal activity. Law Enforcement Agencies perform a key role in preventing and combating this criminal activity. However, to be able to carry out their duties they need to be aware of the current trends and to be able to identify and protect victims. Simultaneously it is important that prosecution measures should gender responsive and human rights oriented and victim centric. In this context, FXBIS is implementing the project with support from the British High Commission, New Delhi, to achieve the following aims: to train over 1000 law enforcement officer in close collaboration with State police training academy, to identify 120 officers from each state training to undergo TOT program based on pre-designed selection criteria developed in collaboration with state's police department. The officers would be deputed to train other police officials in the State Police Training Academies and the Police Training Colleges/Centres situated in other districts, and also to set in motion a web-based knowledge resource mobile application on Human Trafficking, which could be accessed by the trainers and other law enforcement officers to keep them updated and oriented with identification of the emerging trends, legal provisions, practices, and judgments.

2019 - Completed


Evaluation of Programme to Empower Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurships. Cherie Blaire Foundation

The aim of the project was to support 75 small-scale rural women entrepreneurs, over a tenure of twelve months, in villages of rural Pune, Maharashtra. FXBIS developed a comprehensive monitoring and data management system system for the project and did a baseline and impact evaluation end of the project.

2016 - Completed

Delhi/ West Bengal

Survey on Violence against Women and children with special focus to Delhi and West Bengal. OPC Corporation-I C Net Limited (Japan)

Commissioned by O. P. C. Corporation and IC Net Limited (Japan), the research study was to analyze the present status of the problems of violence against women and of human trafficking, especially among women and children of India. The study also focussed on commitments by the Government of India, identification and evaluation of results, including the hurdles the NGOs and GOI were dealing with; henceforth to provide advice and recommendations on the concepts of Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) future assistance for prevention of violence against women and human trafficking. The extensive data collection was conducted in West Bengal and Delhi.

2016 - Completed

Bihar/ Rajasthan

Rescue and Reintegration Practices in Fighting Child Labor in IndiaHarvard University

A year long research study directed by Jacqueline Bhabha, Research Director, Centre of Human Trafficking and Forced Labour, Harvard University, in partnership with FXBIS. The study centered around rescue and return - law, policy and practice in the source state of Bihar and the destination state of Rajasthan, with consideration for the country's federal laws and policies that impact both source and destination states.

2012 - Completed


Study on Sexual Reproductive Health Needs of MSM and Their Female PartnersUNDP

The research analysed relevant interventions in India where SRH (sexual reproductive health) and HIV services are being linked at the policy, structural and service levels for wives/female partners of MSM and could be replicated.

2012 - Completed


Bringing SAFE Child Protection Tools to PracticeHarvard School of Public Health

In collaboration with Harvard School of Public Health and Mobile Creches (INGO), FXBIS conducted a research on children and global adversity. Through this collaboration, the "Children's Security Impact Statement," produced recommendations regarding how public and private sectors, as well as civil society, could work together to ensure the security and well-being of children and families affected by development projects.

2012 - Completed


Disability and HIV ResearchCBM International

Commissioned by CBM-SARO to conduct an explorative research study on the issue of disability and HIV/AIDS, to understand and generate the baseline data about risks and vulnerabilities faced by the disabled population with a special focus on children across selected 8 states of the country.

2010 - Completed


Review of Drop-In-Centres for HIV/AIDS infected PersonsUNDP-NACO

Commissioned by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on behalf of National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) to carry out evaluation of 77 drop-in-centres (DICs) in 17 states of the country. The final report has been submitted to NACO.