The Suraksha Sustainable Learning Programme aims to create a pool of expert Police Officers with updated and better knowledge in terms of investigations and interventions, gender- neutral and victim friendly approaches, strengthened support system in intervening cases of trafficking in persons, crime against children and women. Under this initiative, FXBIS, in association with Madhya Pradesh police and police training units launched its first phase of training with the newly recruited constables undergoing training in the state's Police Training Schools. This helped the project to achieve its goal of creating a pool of law-enforcers, who are adequately equipped, through the trainings, right from the start before being placed at the local thanas.

The Entrepreneurial Development Programme of FXBIS is aimed at those under privileged women, who are keen to initiate their micro-enterprises to enhance and/or sustain their sources of income. The programme covers within its ambit both rural areas and urban slums. Within the two, the team takes into account the cultural specificity and propensity of the marginalised women to meaningfully and sustain-ably manage their mini business units.

Across the world, it is being increasingly recognized that the skills learned during childhood and adolescence more or less shape our behavior pattern, personality and attitude to life's challenges. Life Skills Education help children, teenagers and the youth to know what to do in everyday situations as well as how to make good decisions about more abstract, long-term choices. They encompass the gamut from the concrete skill of deciding 'what to wear' to the more abstract decision about choosing friends.


Suraksha Sustainable Learning Programme (SSLP)

Recently launched in the summers of 2019, SSLP training aims to educate under-trainee constables with the indepth knowledge of issues and the country's laws pertaining to human trafficking, child sexual abuse, constitutional Acts, such as Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012. All the corresponding 'Standing Operating Procedures', guidelines and court orders issued are also included in the trainings to deepen the understanding on the twin malaise of human trafficking and violence on children. The first phase of the training programme was conducted in the Police Training Schools in Rewa, Indore and Umaria of the country's second largest state, Madhya Pradesh. Above 1900 newly recruited trainee constables, including women constables, were trained in the three trainings conducted.

Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP)

The EDP trainings provide orientation on where and how to identify business ideas, about the broad categories of multiple business and how to do SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis based on the collected data. The programme also includes training on core elements of successful enterprises like raw material availability, accessibility, machinery repairs and maintenance, marketing techniques, operational methods, product branding and planning of financial needs along with maintenance of required books. During the EDP, the trainees learn about the most common challenges faced by the small enterprises like limited seed capital, gaps in raw material supply, poor production and poor quality, dynamics in marketing, etc. Along with EDP, we also provided BDP (Business Development Plan) since it is mandatory for any livelihood project to prepare a detailed business plan for the identified activities to guide the process further. This plan will serve the entrepreneur as a step by step guide to deliver her/his business effectively.

Life Skills Education (LSE)

Since its inception in 2007, FXBIS has worked with adolescents and youth from the marginalized and poor communities of both the rural and urban geographies of India. FXBIS seeks to address rights, empowerment, awareness and prevention of violence against children and the youth while working at the grassroots, in domains of livelihood, health, education and protection & safety for the vulnerable. Including Life-Skills Education has, therefore, become a crucial component in our approach towards empowering the young minds emotionally and psycho-socially. Together, they are responsible for the young mind's psycho-social competence, building of self-esteem, self-efficacy and nurturing a well-balanced holistic self-development to lead a life with dignity.

Stakeholders' Capacity Building

FXBIS believes in capacitating the services of different stakeholders working in the field of child protection and human trafficking and therefore has been training stakeholders on how to prevent and protect children and other vulnerable groups from trafficking and violence against children and women. The project has been part of various training panels supported by UN Women or other state Departments or national level institutes, and in this process has been able to train more than 5000 service providers, including law enforcement agencies, paramilitary forces, child protection actors like Child Welfare Committees, District Child Protection Units, Child Care Institutions, Juvenile Justice Board etc. The organization also conducts trainings and capacity- building workshops for community stakeholders, such as the community leaders, church heads, journalists, taxi union drivers, etc. - all who could contribute towards combatting the social malaise of human trafficking, gender-based violence and child abuse. Special focus is on the adolescents and children themselves. FXBIS has facilitated several adolescent clubs in 25 schools of Manipur state as part of awareness trainings on combatting human trafficking with special focus on child trafficking.