'To Connect and Co-create with partners, a life of dignity for the 'forgotten people of forgotten places on forgotten issues'

The significance of leveraging the efforts and capabilities of diverse stakeholders to step up the impact of poverty reduction programmes cannot be undermined, and FXB India Suraksha is working to achieve this goal, through government alliances, corporate collaborations, knowledge and strategic partnerships.

Goverment Alliances

FXBIS recognizes that to drive meaningful change in the lives of the marginalised, it is imperative that we converge with the State at all levels. We therefore aim at the role of being the connectors bridging gaps between government and those deprived in the 12 states and 1 UT that we work in at present. Working for over a decade, the organization has forged robust and durable alliances with state/ district authorities to assist people in catalysing their lives to live with dignity.


It is the continuous support from corporates and other institutional donors that ensures stability of field programmes, and allow a systematic and sustainable change for the deprived communities. Such backing is therefore vital in crystallizing the constructive transformation FXBIS seeks much after its exit. Correspondingly, the capital is vital to enlarge the work canvas to replicate successful programmes and upscale its reach for communities to enable them live a life of dignity.

Knowledge Partners

FXBIS collaborates with institutions/ individuals who can render a deeper understanding on issues that affect marginalised families' wellbeing and focuses on capacity development of their communities. Our knowledge partners enable us to raise the bar of qualitative and quantitative intervention, thus deepening the impact.

Strategic Partners

FXBIS believes in forging partnerships with actors who offer complementary approaches and are able to effectively contribute in the communities we work in, addressing the underlying causes of poverty and other forms of deprivation. Our strategic partners enable us for enhanced efficacy and a deeper impact to co-create a life of dignity for the marginalized.