Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

The largest North-East state, Assam, has two districts of interventions – Kamrup and Darrang, The populace of the identified villages is vulnerable owing to their economic depravity and physical marginalization from the mainstream population. Factors such as repeated crop failure, unfavorable landscape on account of floods and climate change, increasing expenditure in agricultural production, lack of employment and illiteracy, all combine to make them very deprived and helpless.


Holistic Rural Development Project-HRDP, Kamrup District, Assam

FXBIS has launched the project in the 3 villages of Panitema, Panikhaity and Maniari in Kamrup (rural) district of the state. The team selected the villages on parameters of social and economic backwardness in terms of livelihood opportunity, unemployment of youth, infrastructural development, access to quality education and the health status of the village population. The project aims to achieve holistic development through interventions under the four work domains of the organization, namely, Livelihood Promotion, Education, Health, Protection & Safety, besides contributing to village infrastructure development.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2017

Supported By: HDFC Bank Pvt. Limited

Holistic Rural Development Project-HRDP, Darrang District, Assam

Since 2016, FXBIS has been executing the HRDP in 3 villages, namely Dipila, Dahinagoan and Kathaniapara of Darrang. Around 80% of these villages' population depend on agriculture and allied activities for livelihoods. Apart from this, villagers engage in seasonal agriculture labour as well as daily wage labourtasks (civil work for instance) in adjoining towns. There is also about 10% out-migration to other states seasonally seeking livelihoods opportunities. FXBIS is undertaking various development initiatives under Livelihoods Promotion, Education, Health, W.A.S.H and village infrastructure development.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2016

Supported By: HDFC Bank Pvt. Limited

State Team


Ganesh Neelam

Jayashree Talukdar

Anita D.

Himakhy Saikia