Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

FXBIS has its operations in the urban landscape of the largest state (area-wise) of India since its inception in 2007. It has been running a programme of providing a safety net for the innumerable children who have made the state capital’s railway platform their home despite being exposed there to daily exploitation, duress, violence, thus making them a high-priority vulnerable category.


Railway Children Programme - Jaipur, Rajasthan

Among the oldest running programmes of FXBIS since its inception in 2007, the team runs a day-care centre for children living on the railway platform of the city's station and its nearby premises, extending to the streets and adjacent slums. At the day-care, children come for respite and care - eat, freshen up, relax and sleep in a protective environment. They also receive non-formal education, medical treatment, counselling and rehabilitation services. Children at the centre are mainstreamed in formal education (admitted to government schools). Tutorial assistance and computer classes are provided to the school-going. Life skills education is one of the key focus areas wherein trainings are regularly conducted. At present, the centre caters to 35 children, while the programme overall has covered almost 2000 families residing in slums besides the innumerable children at railway station.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2007 and completed in 2023.

Supported By: FXB International