Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

Children and youth have always been a special focus of FXBIS in all its programmes. The five interventions running in the Gautam Budh Nagar district of the most populated state of India, addresses just this and aims to reduce the vulnerabilities of the children, the adolescents, the young, especially girls, to catalyse change and overall transformation of individuals, families, communities and ultimately the society.


SAAMYA: Fostering Gender Sensitization Among Adolescent Boys to Catalyse Them as Agents of Change For Shaping An Equitable Society - Gautam Budh Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh

FXBIS is implementing the project in the district's rural areas as well as urban slums of Mamura, Ghari Chaukhandi and Basai. The project aims to inculcate gender sensitization in boys for a more just and equitable future in an otherwise patriarchal society. The project targets to work with students from government schools and the community youth and elders of the aforementioned areas, training the receptive ones to be the change agents in ushering a gender-equal outlook for society at large. The selection of the areas was based on FXBIS CHILDLINE's engagement in the district, wherein during 2019, above 90 crimes pertaining to either child marriage, child labour, missing child or sexual assault were reported.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2020

Supported by: D S Group

Children and Youth-led Behavioural Change in W.A.S.H and Financial Practices – Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

FXBIS is implementing the project in 12 government-run schools of Greater Noida in Gautam Budh Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh. The core objective of this project is to help children achieve their full potential in physical and mental development through improved water, sanitation and hygiene practices, and raise their financial intelligence for the future. We cover 15000 students and their families through this programme. Under this project, FXBIS is improving W.A.S.H infrastructure in schools including facilities for proper menstrual hygiene management for adolescent girls. The project conducts intense 'behavior change campaigns' for both students as well as their parents to motivate them to adopt safe W.A.S.H practices in schools and in community.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2019

Supported by: Plan India

Early Child Care And Development Programme - Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

In partnership with INGO Mobile Creches, FXBIS runs two crèche centres for very young children of the construction-site labour force. The centres are at Greater Noida, which is currently the hub of residential construction activities. The objective is to provide child care, nurturance and nutritional services to children below 6 years. The centre plays the dual purpose of providing a safe space to such children so they do not suffer from a sense of abandonment or neglect. The centre also caters to pre-teens (7-12 years) through provision of non-formal education, adequate nutrition, games and recreation activities to keep them productively engaged. Children eligible to enroll with schools are mainstreamed. At present, close to 95 children are looked after at both centres.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2018

Supported by: Mobile Creches

Childline 1098 - Gautam Budh Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh

FXBIS has been the collaborative partner with Childline India Foundation for the 'Integrated Child Protection Scheme' (ICPS) of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, GOI. Childline 1098 - a 24x7 toll-free emergency helpline and outreach service for children under distress and in need of protection. The FXBIS Childline team not only provides direct services to such children but also works on prevention by raising awareness through community outreach and open-house activities. In the G B Nagar district, we have been running the helpline service since 2011, having reached out more than 18,000 children.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2011

Supported by: Childline India Foundation

Urban Slum Intervention Programme - Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Since 2010, FXBIS has been working in the slum community of JJ Colony, Sector 16, Gautam Budh Nagar district, on access to quality education and protection and safety of the community’s children. FXBIS runs the Suraksha Education Centre (SEC) under its flagship ‘Suraksha Education Programme’ for these children, providing academic support to school-going slow learners and the school dropouts, through tutorial assistance and non-formal education at bridge classes. The project ensures that each child assisted by the SEC is mainstreamed to school. The programme also aims at empowering and encouraging children and adolescents to become changemakers in society - exposure visits, health camps, awareness sessions, debates, life skills' training are included here. Youth clubs have been formed to facilitate informed discussions on child rights and other issues impacting the young lives.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2010

Supported by: FXBIS core

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Bhupendra Singh

Devendra Kumar

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