Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

The latest addition to the list of state geographies for direct implementation of programmes by FXBIS, West Bengal was added in June 2020 for interventions through our anti-trafficjing programme, Mukti. Along with Manipur, the eastern state of India has been recognized as one of the prominent source states in human trafficking. The programme is run through multi-partner collaborations for deep all-round impact.


MUKTI: Anti-Trafficking Programme

FXBIS has been implementing the MUKTI programme in India to combat human trafficking and also the rampant child sexual abuse. The programme's distinct focus are the two major source states - Manipur and West Bengal, and two chief destination states specially for child trafficking – Delhi and Goa. We run the programme through multi-partner collaborations for deep and all-round interventions. We also empower youth, adolescents (through school clubs) and local populace through community driven projects, as well as build capacities of district authorities and law enforcement agencies such as the para-military, army and police to effectively counter human trafficking and deter child sexual abuse. The programme has reached out to more than 20,000 stakeholders including children, through awareness generation initiatives, more than 5000 stakeholders including child protection actors, through sensitization workshops, capacity building and trainings. Around 250 victims have been provided direct assistance through rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation services.

Duration: The Project Chapter was initiated in 2020 and completed in 2023

Supported By: Ecpat Luxenbourg

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