Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

100 percent population belongs to the ‘scheduled tribes’. The selected villages of Umling block in Ri-Bhoi district were chosen due to very high unemployment rates among youth, substantial population of landless agriculture labourers, meagre unsustainable income sources due to insufficient access to skills or financial support, poor health status and palpably low education levels among children.


Holistic Rural Development Project, Ri-bhoi District, Meghalaya

This project is being implemented in 4 villages of Umling block of Ri-Bhoi district. The key objectives of this project is to help the deprived indigenous community people to enhance and make more sustainable their earnings through livelihood initiatives. Refurbishing schools with improved learning facilities, providing access to digital learning resources (integral to Youth Resource Centre programme) to youth, building resilient communities against child abuse & exploitation, improving the health status are the other objectives, besides building durable infrastructure in the villages.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2018

Supported By: HDFC Bank Pvt. Limited

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