Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

40 percent of the population in the villages selected for intervention belong to the ‘scheduled caste’ category as recognized in the country’s constitution. Of this, more than 60 percent of the households are landless and most of them belong to the ‘below poverty line’ category, thereby raising the vulnerability quotient. Caste hierarchies and domination of upper caste vis-a-vis lower caste groups are highly observed in the community.


Comprehensive Children Development Programme through Transforming Government Schools (Integrated Community Development Programme), Puducherry [UT]

This project is being implemented in the government primary, high school and senior secondary schools of Sanyasikuppam, Kothapurnatham, Madagadipattu, Tirubhuvanai GHS, Thiruvandarkoil, benefiting 1378 children. The objective of this project is to improve basic infrastructure amenities in the stated 5 government schools, and to provide learning-friendly environment in schools. The project also targets to conduct 'software' activities on mental health, physical health, besides introducing advance learning methods to nurture children to grow to their highest potential. In addition, the project team has undertaken desilting of the local water channel serving thousands of farmers for irrigation and also to recharge ground water.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2015

Supported By: Whirlpool India Pvt. Limited

State Team


V.S. Yuvaraj

P. Rajkumar

A. Azhagunathan

V. Indhumathi