Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

The tribal state, carved out from Bihar, has almost 95 percent of populace recognised as the ‘scheduled tribe’ by the Constitution of India. These groups have been historically discriminated against, pushing them to the brink of extreme socio-economic depravity and vulnerability. Huge populations depend on rain-fed paddy cultivation, as marginal farmers or labourers, for survival. There is still rampant exploitation of the indigenous people, with the Santhal Pargana area documented among the major source areas for trafficking of young women and children.


A Comprehensive Education Promotion Project - Manoharpur, West Singhbhum District, Jharkhand

FXBIS is implementing an all-rounded programme to improve the standards of overall service delivery system in local schools and the anganwadis in the identified 15 villages through capacity building, access to facilities, supplementary learning resources and active engagement of stakeholders, specially the community and government authorities. The project is engaging 10 government-run schools and 15 anganwadi centres,building the capacities of teachers as well as the anganwadi workers to improve upon the approaches towards teaching. The project is also running 5 Suraksha Education Centres as part of its Suraksha Education Programme to provide supplementary learning for slow learners and school dropouts. The project engages 160 slow learners from deprived backgrounds. FXBIS state team has enrolled 17 school dropouts back to mainstream schooling. We build connections with school management committees to build their capacities for deliverance of quality-effective facilities and learnings in their local government-run schools. Marginalised indigenous community women are engaged in Entrepreneurship Development Programme, assisting them to improve their earnings from agriculture and other traditional businesses.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2019

Supported By: Vedanta Pvt. Limited

Action Research To Inform The Development Of Programme To Prevent Child Trafficking And Sexual Abuse In Santhal Pargana Region – Jharkhand

FXBIS has undertaken the action research study with support from the OAK Foundation. The research is being conducted in participation from local stakeholders in the selected blocks of Santhal Pargana - Pakur, Dumka and Godda that have an over 90 percent indigenous populace, most of whom are steeped in abject poverty. The on-going research would identify the factors which increase children's exposure to sexual abuse and exploitation; the findings going in co-designing, with local stakeholders, an intervention model that would create a safe and protected environment for children to flourish in, thus realizing their full potential.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2019 and completed in 2023.

Supported By: OAK Foundation

Water Security Promotion Programme, Ranchi District, Jharkhand

FXBIS Jharkhand team is implementing the project, under which the primary goal is to improve the capacities of community institutions to access appropriate technology, and help them develop safe and sustainable WATSAN systems to lead secure and healthy lives. The project is being implemented in 34 villages of Namkum block, covering more than 100 habitations with a population of 32,834. The majority (71%) population in the area belong to poor 'below poverty line' indigenous population (Census 2011).

Duration: The project was initiated in March 2015

Supported By: FXBIS core