Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

In the southernmost Indian state of FXBIS’ grassroots operations, majority target population in the chosen villages of the state comprise the dalits and landless categories, who have been made defenseless and vulnerable due to historic discrimination and depravation. FXBIS runs its core integrated programme revolving around the four axes of livelihoods enhancement, increased health status, access to quality education and enabling a safe protected environment for the vulnerable, to raise their living standards towards a life of dignity.


Integrated Rural Development Programme - Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu

FXBIS has implemented 3 years FXBVillage programme in Nesal village until December 2018. After the programme's official conclusion, the state team is conducting follow-ups with the core families to ensure sustainability of the initiatives launched. The team has also included 4 surrounding backward villages for Integrated Rural Development programme, under which FXBIS aims to mobilize resources through networking with government and other agencies in order to build capacities of the deprived communities, and also access government welfare schemes meant for them.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2018

Supported By: FXBIS core

State Team


S.John Paul