Coverage of Vulnerable Categories

FXBIS began its operations in the second-largest state of India, in 2018, with trainings imparted to law enforcement agencies engaged in combatting human trafficking. The state is also the research field for one of the studies launched under the Protection and Safety domains of work of the organization.


Strengthening Capacity Of Law Enforcement Agencies To Effectively Combat Human Trafficking - Madhya Pradesh

FXBIS partnered with MP state police to train and capacitate police officials of all ranks in the state, on resourceful handling of cases on human trafficking and/or violence against children. FXBIS worked in close alliance with the Police Training Academy of the state, launching the 'Suraksha Sustainable Learning Programme' - SSLP, whose goal was not training of police officials but also integrating the learnings thereof within the police training curriculum for effective implementation on field. A research study was also commissioned alongside to understand the trends, phenomena and challenges in combatting human trafficking in the state, with a special focus on the districts of Bhopal and Mandsaur. Since the SSLP launch, 1945 police personnel were trained by the team.

Duration: The Project was initiated in 2018

Supported By: British High Commission